Press release Friday 5 August 2016

Hear new Halcyon Hope single

“I am caught like a fawn in the headlights”

Such go the namesake lyrics to Halcyon Hope’s newest single “Fawn”, which is hitting streaming services today, as well as YouTube where it can be seen with an official lyric video.

“Since the two of us who sing also write the lyrics together, the meaning of a song can be explained differently depending on who you ask. But for me “Fawn” is about being in an unhealthy relationship with a person, sort of knowing that it’s bad for you, yet struggling to break it off and rather feeling yourself getting stuck in the safety of the familiar”

Guitarist Miki Horsbøl Petersen offers this explanation of the latest sample of what’s to come on the album “Onward To Fracture Town”. The track rings with energetic riffage and catchy melodic call/response vocals as inspired by emo and pop-punk greats like Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and Blink-182.

The band will be touring in Europe during August, leading up to the release of “Onward To Fracture Town”, which also gets its release date revealed today: October 7th is the day the album will be made available in collaboration with Prime Collective, featuring the following tracks:

1. Against The Wall
2. Wear Me Like A Crown
3. Marshland
4. Once A Sleepy Backwater
5. Clandestine
6. Beggars Belief
7. Fawn
8. Mono In Stereo
9. Bitter Rain
10. Burning Effigy
11. A1
12. Tomorrow

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